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The Plovdiv typeface is here!

Plovdiv typeface is available for free download
to all who carry the city of Plovdiv in their hearts!

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PlovdivTypeface is the first typeface dedicated to the city of Plovdiv; it is based on the handwriting of its citizens and friends, and is free for download. Its creation marks the celebration of Plovdiv as the first European Capital of Culture 2019 that officially uses the Cyrillic script. The entire creation process was inspired by the specific character of the city – multidimensional, multicultural, yet tolerant and unified.

Plovdiv Script

Plovdiv Script is a font developed after analysing more than 3,800 handwriting samples collected from people who live in Plovdiv. The typeface is diverse, warm and cheerful just like all of them. It works well at both small and large sizes, which makes it suitable for numerous design needs such as branding, packaging, website design and advertising.

I love Plovdiv! I love Plovdiv

Plovdiv Display

Plovdiv Display comes in three weights – Light, Regular and Bold. It represents the multi-layered character of Plovdiv. Its tone is elegant and well-proportioned, while its graphics are bold and balanced. It is recommended for various typographic compositions, memorable titles and short to medium-sized texts. It can be applied both to print and online media.

I love Plovdiv! Light I love Light Plovdiv

I love Plovdiv! Regular I love Regular Plovdiv

I love Plovdiv! Bold I love Bold Plovdiv

Plovdiv Sans

The most utilitarian member of the Plovdiv type family, Plovdiv Sans still maintains its close connection with both Plovdiv Script and Plovdiv Display. Its mission is to have a broad application, for all your personal and commercial projects. Thanks to its proportions and outline, this typeface is suitable for long texts, signs, websites, presentations and wayfinding purposes.

I love Plovdiv! I love Plovdiv


We’ve included two additional fonts - Plovdiv Pictograms and Plovdiv Maina Mode - few hidden extras making the fonts way more interesting and enjoyable!
Learn more how to use them HERE!

Plovdiv Pictograms

If you’ve visited Plovdiv in 2019, you have surely noticed some pictograms scattered around the city, cheering up the citizens and friends of the city. Those were a major part of the visual identity of the special programme of Plovdiv as European Capital of Culture 2019. Now more than 60 of those pictograms are included for free in the Plovdiv Typeface.

I love Plovdiv! I love Plovdiv

Plovdiv Maina Mode

“Maina” is a word you’ve certainly heard in your conversations with the locals. Without going deep into its origins, we now made it possible for you to write and use this magic word in a way anyone from Plovdiv would use it! This typeface functionality only works when typing in Cyrillic.

I love Plovdiv! I love Plovdiv

Download the entire font family

Plovdiv is a city that has thousands of years of history and a multi-layered culture, as well as being a favourite place for living, business and tourism. It boasts not only a unique geographical location, architecture and nature, but also a colourful mix of people who inhabit it. This city is a wonderful example of the peaceful coexistence of diverse religions, cultures and mentalities for several generations.
In 2019, the city of Plovdiv became the first European Capital of Culture where the official writing is in Cyrillic.